Monday, May 25, 2015

Summer Lovin.....

Despite the rain and the chilly air we managed to squeeze some summer fun into this 3 day weekend.

We started off with the first trip of the year to our amazing local sno cone shack.

Then we worked as a family getting the yard all ready for summer fun! The kids found some tree stumps down the street someone had set out for bulk trash pic up so they promptly brought them home for and I have no doubt will find a million uses for them this summer.

Then after lots of hard work, we finished with our first trip of the year to our local pool, and then back home for a BBQ, and the first smores of the season <3 nbsp="" p="">

I pray you and yours will find lots of summer joy in your journey !

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

This Is The Place....

Is the name of one of our favorite places to spend the day.  It is a beautiful pioneer village and I love the feeling of going back to a much simpler time if even just for a few hours.

It is right down the street from the children's hospital so what better place to head after a morning of medical tests. ( 2 kids are missing from pics because they were at school )


Thursday, May 14, 2015

To My Child That Changed Everything .....

I know about being a Mom.
                                                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY COREY!!!

Corey was born 14 years ago today. White blond hair, bright blue eyes ( from parents with dark brown hair, and brown eyes LOL). He came screaming into this world, and continued to do so until he was about 4 years old. You see, Corey has autism. He was dx at 22 months. He said his 1st word, well words right before his 4th birthday. I will never forget it, and typing it now, still brings tears to my eyes. It was the day before Easter and we were having new carpet put in. All the furniture was in the driveway, and Corey loved to be rocked. Having such a disruption at our home was REALLY hard on him. So I sat with him in the rocking chair in the yard and sang to him. When I started singing "twinkle twinkle" he started to sing along, and sang the whole song with me. I wanted to shout from the rooftops, but I sat there and kept singing softly as tears ran down my face. Oh how far we have come from that day. Corey has progressed amazing amounts. He has friends, goes to cub scouts alone, and will talk your ear off about any of his favorite subjects. At Church if you cant find him, he will be sitting in the Chapel alone where the boys bless the sacrament, practicing the prayer to himself so he can be ready when he turns 16 :)  We have been so very blessed by so many therapist, and Doctors that have helped all of us along this journey.

Having a special needs child changes you. I had 4 other kids before Corey. I was the Mom who looked at other parents with screaming kids at the store and thought "What are you doing so wrong that your kid is such a brat" Heavenly Father must have known how much humbling I needed and sent me Corey. He is the child that not only humbled me, but taught me to see the amazing miracles in the smallest of things. There are so many things I will never take for granted anymore.

I am so blessed to be his Mom and to watch such a sweet amazing spirit grow up. Thank you Lord for your blessings and Happy Birthday Son.......



Monday, May 11, 2015

Blessing because of AMAZING people...

So for over a year we have been trying to come up with the money to get a sleep monitor for Paige. They are expensive :/  Also with the new diagnosis of the heart arrhythmia we need to monitor her blood pressure and heart rate. More pricey medical equipment. Also when she has cluster seizures she  will lose the use of the legs for up to 12 hours for some reason. I have hurt my shoulder really bad trying to carry her, so we realized we needed a transport wheelchair for those times.... Seemed pretty much hopeless... In steps my amazing WAHM friend from The Toadstool Forest (click on the link to see beautiful items! )  and asks if it would be okay to donate part of her sales to help us raise money. I was so grateful at such a sweet gesture. Then she thought she should ask some other amazing WAHM's ( who I will start sharing about in another post ) . Next thing I know all these awesome women have came forward and raised A LOT of money for Paige... I was completely and totally overwhelmed with it all. I learned many things. One that I am a much better giver then a receiver :) and that despite and the not good in the world, there are still people that are selfless, and loving, and just amazing in the world.... I will never have enough words to tell them how grateful I am or how much their act of kindness has changed my family.... It is with much gratitude that I share some pictures of what this has brought to help out Paige and make life a little easier...


Sunday, April 26, 2015

1...2...3... Testing....

Well after an incredibly long break I am back :)  the past year has held massive ups and down, and changes. In hind site I wish I would have kept blogging about them. But I also think I needed this time to re group and heal a bit. I was going to start another blog , but I decided this blog holds a lot of history and is what brought me to who I am today. So I will stay here, and continue to share the good and bad.

  Some updates.... I'm not going to go into super detail on some of these things but enough so you understand the severity of it all... Just over a year ago, Layna made some really horrible and scary choices in her day treatment program. They were caught on tape and she was expelled. She was also investigated and had she been older then 9, she would have been charged with a felony.... During this time some other things were found out about, including death threats and harmful acts to Bradley and Paige... I finally gave in and we placed her in a long term treatment home to get her the most intensive treatment available and to keep our other children safe.. I am sad to say a year later her behaviors are still not safe and are getting worse with the onset of puberty. But on the flip side of that Bradley is thriving, and I mean thriving. He is like a totally different kid now. He feel safe, and is happy and doing just amazing... As nice as it is, it is also sad how different our home is now. The police have net been out to restrain anyone, or transport to inpatient. No one screams for hours on ends and attacks me. My health is way better and my migraines , and weird stress related issues are almost totally gone. We are able to celebrate birthdays, and holidays, and go places now. My heart aches that she isn't here and healthy to be part of it all. But I'm grateful that my other kids are able to have a new normal... Paige has some pretty severe medical stuff going on. She deals with not only her autism, and hypertonia stuff, but epilepsy, and a heart arrhythmia, as well as asthma and auto immune stuff. Tons of med changes ( which I hate ) have also brought on a weight gain , I am battling to get it off her to not add anymore issues. But she is a fighter, and the other kids are amazing when she needs something.

 So we press forward and take each day as it comes with gratitude in our hearts and joy in our journey....


Monday, November 25, 2013

Whats been going on and Why I made a choice I did.

Life has been semi quiet. I hurt my ankle really bad on Halloween, running home to grab something while we were out trick or treating. I was dressed like a gnome and wearing Dansko clogs. Do not run in these.... Layna has been doing well. She has been in day treatment a total of 7 months. After the Holidays she will be transitioning back into regular school. I am scared. She does not have a great history of this, and thrives in day treatment. But this program was only suppose to be 12 weeks, And like I said it has been 7 months. They have been super accommodating to us, and I am grateful. Speaking of day treatment. Bradleys intake is later today to start going. He cannot control his behaviors at school, and home. And his food issues are at an all time high. Saturday night he ate.... a pack of little debbie oatmeal pies, a bag of snack bag chips, half a box of granola bars, 6 cookies, 3 bags of gripz, and 8 sodas. The fact that he didnt make himself sick is amazing. But his cravings for junk food is hearbreaking. He is like a drug addict with it. We dont typically keep things like this in the house, but I had coupon and saved these things for a service project. Now it is all gone :/  So we are praying that day treatment can help him as much as it has helped Layna.

Now those of you on my personal FB page know I post about my Stella & Dot stuff a lot. I swear I am not trying to be irritating :) But raising 6 kids, and especially special needs kids is not cheap. For obvious reasons I cannot work outside the home, so I needed to find a way to bring in extra income. I have never been a person to do anything like Stella & Dot. No Avon, Scentcy, Pampered Chef, ect, Not that those are not all great products, it just wasn't my thing. Then enters Stella & Dot via my cousin. The products are stunning and well made, the company is amazing, and I can make actual money to help my family. So when / if you buy from my online store you are not just getting something beautiful for yourself or a gift for someone, you are putting gluten free food on my table for my celiac kids, sensory items in the hands of Bradley, extra curricular activities to build up self esteem for Layna, and Bryleigh. You are helping a real family. And for that we are grateful.....

So here is my store if you want to browse :)
Kelly's Stella & Dot Store

And here is my business facebook page if you wanna "Like" it for special deals and info
Kelly Stella & Dot Stylist

I hope everyone is finding joy in their journey this Holiday season.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Please Read This...... "Those People"

I found this on an awesome blog I read. It's an amazing woman that blogs at Happy Haus Frau

My husband works for the food bank, he has worked for food banks for years and years. He has seen hunger. We have volunteered there, the kids and I. We have seen hunger. I have been a single Mom, and we have been married with a house full of mouths to feed and BROKE, I personally know what it is to worry about food. I am also raising children that know HUNGER from not being feed before we got them. Worrying about food can do an amazing amount of damage to a small child that they will carry for years. So as you see those bins out at your grocery stores ( since tis the season )
Please remember "those people" may be your neighbor, friend, even your family member..... and even "those people" like "those foods"