Sunday, October 12, 2014

We have moved :)

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Whats been going on and Why I made a choice I did.

Life has been semi quiet. I hurt my ankle really bad on Halloween, running home to grab something while we were out trick or treating. I was dressed like a gnome and wearing Dansko clogs. Do not run in these.... Layna has been doing well. She has been in day treatment a total of 7 months. After the Holidays she will be transitioning back into regular school. I am scared. She does not have a great history of this, and thrives in day treatment. But this program was only suppose to be 12 weeks, And like I said it has been 7 months. They have been super accommodating to us, and I am grateful. Speaking of day treatment. Bradleys intake is later today to start going. He cannot control his behaviors at school, and home. And his food issues are at an all time high. Saturday night he ate.... a pack of little debbie oatmeal pies, a bag of snack bag chips, half a box of granola bars, 6 cookies, 3 bags of gripz, and 8 sodas. The fact that he didnt make himself sick is amazing. But his cravings for junk food is hearbreaking. He is like a drug addict with it. We dont typically keep things like this in the house, but I had coupon and saved these things for a service project. Now it is all gone :/  So we are praying that day treatment can help him as much as it has helped Layna.

Now those of you on my personal FB page know I post about my Stella & Dot stuff a lot. I swear I am not trying to be irritating :) But raising 6 kids, and especially special needs kids is not cheap. For obvious reasons I cannot work outside the home, so I needed to find a way to bring in extra income. I have never been a person to do anything like Stella & Dot. No Avon, Scentcy, Pampered Chef, ect, Not that those are not all great products, it just wasn't my thing. Then enters Stella & Dot via my cousin. The products are stunning and well made, the company is amazing, and I can make actual money to help my family. So when / if you buy from my online store you are not just getting something beautiful for yourself or a gift for someone, you are putting gluten free food on my table for my celiac kids, sensory items in the hands of Bradley, extra curricular activities to build up self esteem for Layna, and Bryleigh. You are helping a real family. And for that we are grateful.....

So here is my store if you want to browse :)
Kelly's Stella & Dot Store

And here is my business facebook page if you wanna "Like" it for special deals and info
Kelly Stella & Dot Stylist

I hope everyone is finding joy in their journey this Holiday season.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Please Read This...... "Those People"

I found this on an awesome blog I read. It's an amazing woman that blogs at Happy Haus Frau

My husband works for the food bank, he has worked for food banks for years and years. He has seen hunger. We have volunteered there, the kids and I. We have seen hunger. I have been a single Mom, and we have been married with a house full of mouths to feed and BROKE, I personally know what it is to worry about food. I am also raising children that know HUNGER from not being feed before we got them. Worrying about food can do an amazing amount of damage to a small child that they will carry for years. So as you see those bins out at your grocery stores ( since tis the season )
Please remember "those people" may be your neighbor, friend, even your family member..... and even "those people" like "those foods"



Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Yep...I'm THAT lady and Why.

And , by THAT lady I mean I am the lady with the gaggle of kids around me when we go out, the lady with the long broomstick skirt and depending where we are I may or may not be wearing shoes ( I hate shoes, but understand they are necessary lol ), and I am that 41 year old pale white lady with dreadlocks......

I know people are wondering why, and I actually do have an answer.....Not so much an answer as a testimony though really....

The gaggle of children in because I love kids, and I love being a Mom. And when I could no longer physically have children, Heavenly Father opened the door for us to foster/adopt. 

The skirts are comfy, and I really havent worn pants except maybe a handful of times in the past 5+ years. I am not comfortable in pants, give me a prairie skirt and an apron any day of the week. Shoes.... I cannot stand shoes ( I hear gasps lol ) but really. I never had. I feel like my toes are being held captive LOL. 

Now the dreads.... I have had the same hairstyle for 20 years. Seriously. Maybe not the same color, but style for sure. I kept thinking I should make a change. Nothing drastic, maybe one of those cute bob's, maybe some bangs. Then I kept feeling prompted to get dreads. Which honestly I thought was the most ridiculous thing ever. This has gone on for almost a year and I just ignored it,  but the feeling never went away. So I started researching them. I wanted to know WHY people had them. I knew some was religious reasons, and some were fashion, but I really wanted to know the deeper meaning......

I read this 

All the days of the vow of his separation there shall no razor come upon his head: until the days be fulfilled, in the which he separateth himself unto the LORD, he shall be holy, and shall let the locks of the hair of his head grow.
— Book of Numbers 6:5, KJV
I have had some deep struggles lately with everything that goes on with mental illness in my house. I have been wanting... NEEDING to separate myself from the world and focus more on my Faith, so this spoke to me on that level......
I learned this about the Hindu's:   " Hindu holy men and women, locks are sacred, considered to be a religious practice, an expression of disregard for profane vanity"
And this about the Buddhists: "For many practicing Buddhists, dreadlocks are a way to let go of material vanity and excessive attachments."

Which I loved reading... BUT I am Mormon, so how does this apply to me?! So while I was going through this, one day there was a knock at the door. I opened it up to find 3 missionaries from the Church standing there. One  I am not seeing them in a group of 3, and 2 I thought it funny they were at my door. They told me that they felt prompted to come into the circle of where my house is, and felt particularly prompted to stop at our house. I let them know that I found that funny since we are the only members in the circle of our street. We talked for a minute and for some reason it came up that my husband has full sleeve tattoos. The one that spoke that most said " That is awesome! We need more people in the church that look outside of the box. We are having a really hard time with that lately." ....... After they left, I shut the door and the fate of my hair was pretty much sealed. It still took me weeks of prayer, but the answer never changed. 

Now that I have had them for a few weeks, I have grown to understand. I have got to share my testimony of the gospel with so many different kinds of awesome people and encourage them to return to Church. It is actually amazing to me how Heavenly Father puts people in our path to meet, and perhaps help. 

So yes the dreads are kind of a crazy choice, but I love them and they are between myself and Heavenly Father who understands things far better then I ever will.

                                                        ( I will post better pics later )


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Super Short Post On Massive De Cluttering, And Trying To Save My Child From A Mental Health Facility.

Ugh it has been a week! I have been doing massive and I mean massive de cluttering. I have no idea why we have so much stuff!!!! It feels good though to move it out!

So Layna's therapist wanted to meet with the other kids on Friday. It ended with another one of my darling handpicked children under the table in hysterics because she cannot take living with Layna anymore. The other kids also all voiced how embarrassed they are, and scared, and hate living like this. It was awful and heartbreaking, and sucky. After the therapist was done almost crying we were informed we need to look at placing her in a residential treatment center. So I got the info for that. I am just so sad. I do not want my almost 9 year old child in a mental health facility for 18 months.  We noticed ( we as in home and school people ) that if she has a distraction and some sort of "currency" then she is much better and will leave the other kids alone. At school and when she is in patient she lives and breaths to get time on the ipad. Well her birthday is coming up and I would love nothing more then to be able to get her some sort of cheap tablet just to play games on and watch her Disney shows on netflix.

Edited since gift was bought for her :)


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wow... Where to start...

Let's start with the bad and get it over with. Remember me raving about Layna and how much she changed.... Well..... Ya.....  She finished up 16 weeks of intensive therapeutic day treatment and was doing amazing. Just amazing. Then she dropped down into a half day program. She went from about 2pm til 6pm. The longer she was out of intensive day treatment the more she spiraled out of control. She finally snapped really bad the day before Bradleys birthday. So I had to call out the mobile crisis team and have her transported to the children's hospital. We are no longer allowed to transport her ourselves since she is dangerous in the car. So they call for transport and a firetruck, 2 police cars, and 2 ambulances show up. GAH seriously. I live in a "Disney Movie" neighborhood and was horrified.  So anyhoo, they transport her. They are going to admit her into the psych unit but since it is Bradleys birthday the next day and she struggles so badly with other peoples having a special day I ask to take her home since she needs to learn to deal with these kinda days. So we go about our weekend all is okay. Not great but okay.  So about a week later I have to call them out again. They come to the house, and she calms down, and the wait til she gets on the van to go to school. She comes home and all is okay.. not great but okay. 4 days later I call AGAIN. They hear her on the phone while I am trying to talk to them and explain. They hang up and call me back letting me know they are doing a direct admit from just what they can hear. I say okay great, do it. So the same party of vehicles shows up and off we go. She is there for almost a week. They were going to release her on my birthday but my husband told then no how no way, that she wasnt ruining my birthday, and my sister just had a baby and was going to be at our house. So they agree to release her on a Thursday. She was to go back into the day treatment program starting Tuesday. Thats shouldnt be too bad of a wait right? hahahahaha NO. So she is home 8 hours. YES 8 hours. In that time we had to go pick up something awesome ( story to follow this one ) and my new nephew is here. SHE IS HORRID. I mean HORRID. She is so mean, and angry, and cruel. That we admit her back in until she starts day treatment. They are now talking about her going to a residential treatment center for up to a year. I dont want that , BUT the other kids have had it. I mean they are done. They have seen what our house is like with her gone, and now they are all angry. So we will see how all this pans out....

So onto the good. The Monday after we had her admitted I spent all day in the phone. I was burnt out. So the phone rings and it says it is make a wish. I am thinking what the crap do they want. I have every kind of kid but a wish kid ( Which I am grateful for ). So I ignore it. I check the messages before dinner and they were letting me know I won a prize. I was like HUH?  Months ago we went down to the  Taylor Swift concert and they were selling ducks for their rubber ducky race fundraiser. You also had a chance to win backstage passes to T Swift. I bought 3 ducks for $25 and no luck in backstage.  So I forgot about the ducks. Well the race was this month, and one of my 3 ducks won a prize.... I won this....

A 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe. 3 rows, FULLY and I mean FULLY loaded. The thing is freaking amazing!!!! I was never a car person... Now I don't know how I lived without as the fancy stuff LOL.
So I am super grateful, and we are now happy volunteers and great friends with Make a Wish, who do the most amazing work....

So that is all for tonight. I am cutting myself off a lot from FB so I will be blogging more. I need to keep better track of my life on here, plus the private messages I get thanking me for being honest and having others share their stories with me is amazing <3 p="">
I am off to find lots of joy in my journey in my new car :)


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy Gotcha Day Kiddos :)


5 years ago today I stood in a court room in Alabama. I flew out to pick up 3 kids for a "6 month safety plan".. Well.... I sure am glad that the judge and Heavenly Father had other plans. Sadly one of those 3 could not stay in our family ( that story is WAY back in my blog ) But that chubby ANGRY 2 year old, and that crazy 5 years are now my amazing 7 and 10 year old son and daughter.  Although we do not actually celebrate this day in our house since while it is a wonderful day, it is also a day filled with feelings of loss and many emotions.  We have come a long way kiddos, and been through heck and back, but I think were gonna make it :)  I love you two so very much!