Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not Buying It

Is my new mantra. I found a post on another blog ( I dont know how to make those cute little click able links) But you can see her blog here:

Anyhoo, my children have become quite the little consumers. Which drives me NUTS. "I want that!, Can we get that?, For my birthday, Christmas, Easter, Flag day, the second Tuesday..... Okay a "tad" over the top, but you get my point.

So we are going on lock down mode here. Debit cards are put up, cash is it. We dont have it, we dont buy it. And we dont go to the store unless we have a list, and we are not buying anything not on the list. And for the next 30 days it is necessities ONLY. After 30 days we will take a look and see how much we will free up for "free spending"

Here is how I will track myself weekly every Friday:






exercise/self improvement:





I would love to have you join me :)

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tansy said...

yay! welcome aboard! i look forward to reading about your adventures in this journey. :)