Friday, May 1, 2009

Who has the best dentist in the world?

WE DO!!!

Where else can I get 6 kids in the same day? They are all so sweet, and PATIENT! ( The dental office, NOT the kids. LOL)
I took:
Bradley age 2: Good results, But had to hold him down to see that. LOL

Paige age 3: Not so good results. Preemies sometimes have "weak" teeth I am told. So we will be back for work. Oh goodie! Luckily she will be nite nite the next time.

Elayna age 4: Did awesome, and had great results.

Bryleigh age 6: Did awesome, not so great results. But she had already had a lot of work done when we got her. Dr said she had bottle rot. Plus had to have her 4 front top teeth removed at 3. Luckily the new ones coming in look good.

Corey age 8 (almost): Did great. Corey has HF autism so we never know how he will do. He really likes it there though. As you can see from his cool "disguise" he got from the treasure box.

Emily age 9: Did great, great results.

So I only need to bring 2 back and they will see those 2 at the same time. WOO HOO!

If only everything was so easy!!

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opheliag said...

I love you dentist too. Saw all 3 of my kids at the same time! No problems. In and out in about an hour. They are great. Thank you so much for recommending them.