Sunday, October 4, 2009

All the gory details

So Friday the kids and I go to the park to meet up with our homeschool group. When we are leaving Jonas says it sounds like the tire is going flat. So I pull over and get out. Nope it is the radiator hissing. So I get back in and notice it is not running too hot, and haul behind home. We are about 5 miles away. We pull in the driveway, and smoke starts pouring out. I hurry and get the kids out. Open the hood, and the smoke is coming from the back of the engine. So that freaks me out and I put the car in neutral and roll it away from the house. That way if it explodes it doesn’t take the garage with it.

Adam gets off early and get a ride home. Takes the van a few blocks away to the auto parts store to get parts. I am standing out front with him talking, and he says he has to wait for it to cool down to work on it, then asks me to go check something on the internet. When I walk in, I tell all the kids to go play out back since it is nice out. ( I will forever be grateful for this choice) Less then 5 minutes later I hear this weird noice, and this cry for help. I run upstairs and see Adam standing in the front door way trying to get his shirt off and skin hanging on his left arm. He also cant open his eyes. I scream for Jonas to find the phone, and I call 911. The fire truck arrives shortly. I tell Jonas and his friends to keep the littles outside no matter what. They start working on him, getting him an IV and keeping him from going into shock. They then tell me they are waiting for the ambulance to come take him to Maricopa county burn center. I am floored. I had no idea how bad it was til this point. The ambulance arrives, and they get him in the back, and put me in the front. ( Which was pretty cool, since I got to hear all the calls) We pull out lights and sirens the whole way. Which is pretty far from our house. We get right in, and they give him some heavy duty pain meds, on top of the ones they gave him in the ambulance. So he is feeling okay. They start laying wet cloth on his arm, then she starts pulling the skin off. I have NEVER seen anything like it. And truly hope to never see it again. Its not like a sunburn. Its like big thick pieces. It was so gross. The Dr comes in, and thinks they may admit him. So I go make some phone calls to get our oldest daughter Christian to stay. ( She had rushed over as soon as she heard, so was at the house) Then they decide he can go home, as long as I am comfortable changing the dressing 2x a day, and he has to come back Monday. We say great. The Dr also wants to know what the heck kinda shirt he had on that he has no signs of being burned on his chest. And that he should have at least had some 1st degree burns. I just tell him we are very blessed. ( The only place Adam was burned is where his garments weren’t.) Also there is no damage to his eyes, which is a miracle on its own. Since it had got in his eyes and he couldn’t open them when I 1st found him.

So we are home, a wonderful, amazing friend from Church who was a trauma nurse for 20 years has been kind enough to come check on him daily. He is in a lot of pain, luckily the pain meds make him sleep most the time, so he can get through it. He still cries out in his sleep. I haven’t sleep since then, staying up to check on him, and keeping watch. The amount of pain meds scare me, plus he has been running a fever. So I am a tad loopy, but never the less grateful he is okay. He may have some scarring, they are not sure about nerve damage. We are praying not since it is his left arm, and he is left handed.

But I will post more when we know after going back to the burn center.

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mentalutopia said...

Oh my goodness!

I noticed you haven't been on PH lately so I came to see what you've been up to. Any update on your husband's burns? It sounds like things could have been MUCH worse than they were!