Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Costumes?!?!

The past couple of days I have surrounded myself with all that is good. And I also found that no matter how much good you surround yourself with, Darkness is always just around the corner if we are not careful. For example... Jonas wanted a ninja costume for Halloween. It is a running joke in our family. For YEARS when he was little he was a ninja every year. Even if we bought him a different costume, he would go and dig out that old ninja costume and wear it instead. Ninja costume sounds easy enough right? Not for a 15 year old boy! I looked at several Wal Marts, and nothing, so we decided to go to the big Halloween costume store down by the mall. I took Jonas, Emily, Corey , and Paige (so 15,9,8,and 4) I was FLOORED by the costumes! And just so sad that the choice of costumes for females of ANY age, are the same ones you would likely find at the Playboy house. There were little girls in line for the dressing room that looked somewhere from 8 to 12 clutching their "costume" of choice. Which as a parent broke my heart that they are being taught so young that it is okay to show yourself off like that. I am so grateful that when weeks ago Emily (9) picked out her "hippy" costume, she looked at it and said 'Mommy will this be appropriate with some leggings under it" She new right off, it was too short to our standards.

Jonas came around the corner, and stopped me and the little ones from going down a aisle and said lets go. I guess down that aisle were costumes of a VERY adult nature. I can only imagine what could be worse, then the ones down the other aisles! I was very proud of Jonas to see how upset he was, and hear his comments on how he felt about the selection in the store. And to re tell what he saw to his Dad when we came home.

So we made one last ditch effort to Target. When we found a childs 12/14 ninja costume that with some adjustments works. YAY!!!!

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mel said...

you raised a true young gentleman there.
there are few of those left anymore!