Friday, December 24, 2010

The scariest moment of my life :(

Monday night we were invited to go to the Mesa Temple to see Christmas lights with some friends. We had went a few weeks ago, and almost didnt go. I will forever be grateful that we did......

Normally the kids are in bed by 8pm at the latest. We didnt get back from Mesa until just after 10. On the way home our 10 year old Emily feel asleep in the back of the van. We arrived home, and all the kids including Em came in the house. She seemed kinda groggy I just figured she was tired. I was in the kitchen area handing out meds to other kids, and all of the sudden Emily stumbled into the water cooler. I told her to go to bed, still thinking she was tired. Next thing I know she falls to the other side, into the kitchen counter and drops to the floor unconscious. My husband and I rush over screaming her name. My husband goes to roll her over and she goes into a seizure. Thank goodness my 16 year old son had enough sense to get the other little kids into the back of the house. I call 911, while on the call the seizure stops. She is then totally limp and unresponsive. I though we had lost her......

The firetruck was right near us for some reason and were there within 2 minutes. They took her vitals, blood pressure was high, blood sugar was 36. Got her to repsond to some simple questions. Wisked her off in the ambulance, I followed in the car.
They took her to the nearest hospital. This turned out to be very helpful since our former Bishops wife works in peds there, and came in to see us, and also later helped start her IV which was very helpful for Emily since she was so scared. They did the CT scan there, and luckily that came back good. They then transported her to St. Josephs hospital. They have a world renowned Neuro center. ( Bret Michael's was sent there) Tuesday was spent doing ekg, eeg, and blood work. 

EKG: Good
EEG: Not good
Blood work: Good

We are in the playroom with Emily when the neuro Dr's come in and ask us to step into the hall. They talk about "bursts on the eeg" and we 1st hear the word epilepsy. And the epilepsy specialist will be coming in to meet with us later. I pretty much loose it. I am already a mess, and to hear that she may have something that will cause more seizures is more then I can deal with at that moment. I recover in a few minutes, pray and thank Heavenly Father that it is nothing terminal. And go back into to play with Emily.

It was then a long day of blood draws, and just sitting. Adam stayed that night with her, and I went home to be with the other kids. During the middle of the night they came in to do her MRI. I asked that she be sedated as MRIs suck anyway, and a child with autism it is worse :( They give her Ativan and she sleeps through the whole thing.

I come back 1st thing Wed morning. They come in and ask if Emily would like to go down with some other kids and have hot chocolate and cookies with santa. Of course :) So off we go downstairs. There are firetrucks, and firemen all around Santa. They handed out toys and took pics. During this Emily got really dizzy and almost fell, but Santa caught her :( We get  wheelchair and take her back upstairs. Then more sitting and waiting. Finally the epilepsy specialist comes in. He says a whole lot I dont understand, but what he did say was after looking at everything including the MRI , he feels it is not epilepsy. So yay yay yay! But then frustration of WHAT IS IT!!!

They then want to run some test to check for Addison’s disease, and Cushings syndrome. Neither which I have ever heard of. So we wait, and wait. Adam goes home to stay with the other kids and I stay the night with Emily. The run the tests that evening, and we have to wait til the next afternoon since they take awhile to get back. So finally the Dr comes in Thursday and tells me the results were good , and she has neither of those things.  So after running every test , for every horrible thing, and looked at all the data, they have come to the conclusion that she is hypoglycemic. Which I am happy to take as a dx. We will have to watch what she eats, and when. But i am hoping if we are vigilant she will not go into a seizure again.

I am so grateful for an amazing team of Drs that took the time to rule out all the "what if's" before they just settled on the "easy explanation". 

I am so grateful for good friends that stepped in to help with Priesthood blessings, babysitting, meals, and prayers. 

Most of all I am grateful to have my sweet baby girl home and okay :)

 Her biggest worry in the hospital? She was worried that she wasn't going to be home before Christmas to take the hairbrushes she collected down to the homeless shelter.

So this Christmas eve we will spend doing service for others, and counting our blessings.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. May the Holiday Season bring you the blessings of family, love and health. Because really, what else matters?

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SunnyScarlet said...

I'm so glad that you posted this. I had really wanted to understand, in more detail, what had happened. And I am so glad that not only was she well taken care with an "easy" diagnosis, but that she also got to follow through with her service (what a kind and generous girl, that that was all she could think about in the hospital). Not a wonderful experience to have happen right before Christmas, but I'm so glad it had a happy ending! :D