Saturday, June 11, 2011

With all due respect.....

(This is going to be a very short post, I have been up almost 48 hours with flu ridden kids. I am a tad crabby LOL)

To people that have.....
1.) Never adopted
2.) Do not have a child with autism
3.) Do not have a child with R.A.D. or an " attachment disorder"
4.) Do not have a bi polar child
5.) Are not parenting a child that suffers from PTSD

PLEASE KEEP YOU PARENTING ADVICE ABOUT MY CHILDREN TO YOURSELF!!!! I really dont want to hear "what you would do" unless you have been in the "trenches" and DONE IT, and had some type of result. YOU HAVE NO IDEA what my children have been through, nor what I am going through, so again BE QUIET.

You can say "I'm sorry", "Wow that sucks" or even " Gee I am glad I dont have to deal with that" or "Better you then me I guess"  That would be less irritating quiet honestly.

Okay rant over, and I hopefully I will get some sleep, my children will be flu free and I will have a nicer post tomorrow :)



Emily Fay said...

Good for you!!!!! Amen! and Amen! Sometimes people need to keep their mouths shut and quit putting their "two cents" in about things they don't understand! You are an amazing mother! You keep going strong and pushing forward! Keep the faith!

Love and hugs,

David's Honey said...

I know I meet all of the 1-5 rules I'm gonna say it anyways:-) - I think You & hubby do an awesome job as parents. Hope the family kicks the sick bug soon!


Iris said...

Lol! You're a trip!

Anonymous said...

Just because people don't have children with autism, etc doesn't mean that they don't KNOW autism, etc. I understand what you're saying - and too often people do put their two cents in about things they don't understand - but sometimes people DO understand, just in a different way than you think.

C Dawn's bucket said...

I found your blog from "Gold To Refine" who I actually know in real life. I am also parenting two children on the Autism spectrum, one with PTSD and two of my boys are working on healing from Trauma! All that just to say, hang in there! Some days suck rocks! and You are not alone!