Sunday, December 23, 2012

You Can't Lose Christmas...

The Holiday season at our house as changed drastically since we adopted.  Kids that deal with trauma issues tend to escalate during the Holidays. Just to give you some insight into our house I have one that is dealing with some new hallucinations that may be brought on my the stress of the move and all the changes and now Christmas. Behaviors escalate , rages increase, and stress levels run HIGH... I used to want to just throw in the towel and use the typical " Santa is watching" threat. It doesn't work on these kiddos. They don't care. They don't feel worthy of gifts anyways and they would love nothing more then having us fail them and prove to them that we don't love them. ( Which of course is RIDICULOUS because we love them deeply) ,  but after everyone else has failed you, you are not about to set yourself up to get hurt anymore.

So we follow the rule of  "You can't lose Christmas". Inspired by this blog post YOU STILL CAN'T LOSE CHRISTMAS RALPHIE

It is a fantastic read even for parents not raising trauma kiddos. Christmas should be a time of love, and service, family and finding the Holiday joy in the journey....      Not a threat :)


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