Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Topic :)

As much as I enjoy talking about mental illness NOT, let's switch the topic to another fun one.....

SEIZURES!  Woo Hoo. Hold your excitement LOL.

( Coolest waiting room ever! Not only is it full of toys, but they offer puzzles, board games, and crafts! One of the volunteers comes and made a craft with her while we waited, she LOVED it! )

So Paige is still having seizures randomly. Nothing is bringing them on, they are not at any certain time of the day or anything. So after spending all day in the neurology dept at the Children's Hospital she was declared to have what is called  "Complex Partial Seizures". 

"Complex partial seizures start in one part of the brain, but usually affect other parts of the brain that involve alertness and awareness. They come in many different forms. The symptoms of a complex partial seizure depend on which part of the brain is affected. Unlike simple partial seizures, complex partial seizures usually involve impaired consciousness; the child may appear aware of his surroundings and may move or speak, but will be confused or unaware of what is going on."

So we have started some meds to control them ( or hopefully stop them ) And then she has something I have never seen before.. A nasal spray that we are suppose to give her if they last last longer then 5 minutes... If they last longer then 5 minutes *I* will need something to calm down. 

We go back in a couple of weeks for a MRI and a EEG again since her last ones over over a year old.

And on a side note the nurse that checked us in had on a Bob Marley sweatshirt and declared Paige the "coolest kid ever" when Paige told her " Hey! Thats Bob Marley" then proceeded to sing " No woman no cry" to her!  hahahaha


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Darci said...

Don't know if you have Facebook but there is an amazing group of women who run the epilepsy association of Utah up there near you. If I weren't in St. George I would be a bigger part of them. Seizures are no fun but so thankful my dd's is controlled with medication. The waiting room up there is truly a gift, the neurologists there are not my favorite so we go to Denver... It's worth it;)